Lina Bergman

MD, Specialist Obsterics and Gynecology, Associate professor

Prinicipal investigator for neurological complications in PROVE, Principal investigator for GO-PROVE, Co-investigator for IMPACT


Lina did her specialist training in 2011-2017 and obtained her PhD in 2017 at Uppsala University within the field of preeclampsia and cerebral biomarkers. Within the last years of PhD studies, Lina spent a year in Cape Town for rotations in surgery and maternal-fetal medicine where she also met Cathy Cluver that she is now closely working with in PROVE biobank and database. Since then, Lina spends about 3 months per year in Cape Town working together with Cathy. Lina is currently working as a consultant in obstetrics and associate professor at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Gothenburg University. Lina’s research interests focus in the field of preeclampsia but also extends to other obstetric complications such as preterm birth. Lina’s research is translational, working with both pre-clinical scientists and epidemiologists to answer complex clinical questions. She has a special interest in the maternal brain in pregnancy and preeclampsia where she collaborates with Teelkien van Veen, Michael Belfort (Baylor College), Carlos Escudero and Joakim EK  on order to combine in vitro models, animal models and clinical studies to understand the underlying pathophysiological pathways and possible predictors to cerebral complications in pregnancy and preeclampsia.

Lina is investigator for PROVE, a biobank and database at Tygerberg University hospital for women with preeclampsia and organ complications, GO PROVE, a sister study to PROVE in Gothenburg and IMPACT, a nationwide Swedish cohort study for prediction of obstetrical complications in the first trimester. Lina is also working with Anna Karin Wikström and Susanne Hesselman in register-based research in the Swedish Pregnancy Register and national Swedish registers in order to answer questions about the impact of pregnancy on short- and longterm outcome for the mother and offspring.

Lina is the main supervisor of three PhD students; Niclas Carlberg, Ellen Kupka and Valentina Bucher and co-supervisor of five PhD students; Therese FriisPaliz Nordlöf CallboMalin AnderssonLilja Thorgeirsdottir and Lisa Berglin.

Lina is active in the national Swedish Preeclampsia working group, has been appointed member of scientific committees for ISSHP 2019 and SFOG 2021 and is active member in CoLab, an international organization for preeclampsia research and associate member in the committee for “Impact of Pregnancy on Long-term Health”. She is also a reviewer to several journals and is invited as speaker at various national and international congresses and meetings such as ISSHP.