The Preeclampsia Intervention Trials

Preterm preeclampsia is a devastating disease for which there is currently no treatment apart from delivery. Finding a treatment for preterm preeclampsia could save many lives and improve outcomes for mothers and babies. The Preeclampsia Intervention (PI) trials are double blinded randomized control trials that are run to assess novel therapeutics. Pregnant women with preterm preeclampsia who are being managed expectantly at Tygerberg Hospital are invited to participate.

We have completed two trials. The first trial assessed 40mg of esomeprazole daily to treat preterm preeclampsia. We included 120 women with preterm preeclampsia. The published protocol and trial can be found here and here.

The second trial assessing Metformin has recently been completed. The trial protocol can be found here.

We plan to continue trialing novel therapeutics and translating laboratory work to clinical trials.